Memories are priceless.  Whether they are graduation ceremonies, holiday experiences, special moments with loved ones, visiting breath-taking locations, your wedding celebrations, or just moments of pure happiness. 

You never want to lose these memories. So be smart and store your special moments with Verbatim. Your memories really do matter. 

What are your memories you never want to forget? 

Share your moments with us. We will send you a free t-shirt and all we ask is for you to send us pictures and a short video in it, wherever you are. Holidays, festivals, fun days out.... As a thank you, you get a 256GB Verbatim PinStripe USB Drive for free. Celebrate your memories with us! Please have look on our Instagram page or see examples below to see what you have to do. DM us on Instagram with your idea and we will send you further information. 

The competition is running till October 30th. Afterward we will select the best photo / story and you can win a prize. 



Roadtrip USA

Thorsten and his family took us with him on their incredible road trip to the USA. After two years of delay due to Covid, Thorsten and his family managed to finish the Angels Landing trail and received the deserved view of the Zion national park.

The number of annual visitors amounts to almost 4.3 million people on 580 square kilometers.On their way to reach Zion National Park, they passed the Mystery Canyon, which offered one of the most stunning views of all time.

The Bryce Canyon National Park was not the biggest but probably the most beautiful one of Thorsten's USA road trips.

Roadtrip USA

Marco, our Head of Marketing at Verbatim, had another chance to collect unforgettable moments and celebrate the weekend in Tomorrowland. It was his fourth time there and it feels to him like coming home!

Tomorrowland is the world’s largest dance music festival.  Each summer it brings electronic music’s biggest stars to its magical wonderland in the Belgium town of Boom. Tomorrowland isn’t like every other music festival out there. On a scale unto itself, the festival has its own currency, town, incredible stages, and a lineup featuring some of the best names in the business.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of people from over 200 countries coming together to celebrate their love of electronic music. Tomorrowland was truly an out of-this-world experience that Marco will remember for the rest of his life.


Hey Guys,

today we take you with us to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
It not only has the tallest building worldwide or driverless subways, but offers also one of the largest shopping malls in the world.
Clive and Chris took us with them on their trip to Dubai. 
Check out our Instagram Storys to get a closer look. 

Have you ever been to Dubai or planning to go there? 

What are your memories you never want to forget?

Memories in Sylt
Memories in Sylt

Sylt is a special destination for Marco, our Head of Marketing at Verbatim. His family has the tradition of going there once a year to enjoy quality time together. There are plenty of secret places - lots of sandy beaches, fancy restaurants, hidden beach bars - and this makes it very special for him.

These wonderful moments with his family in such a beautiful location are memories he will always remember. 

It’s impossible to have a weekend on Sylt and see everything the island has to offer.